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Techniques and procedures to detect and remove dental caries to restore your teeth to full function in aesthetically pleasing manner using tooth-colored fillings available in all shades to achieve a nature look.


Cosmetic and conservative dentistry refer to all dental treatments (tooth fillings, root canal treatments, inlays and sealants) that aim to keep the teeth healthy.

Tooth cavities are treated nowadays with high quality composite resin dental fillings that were created as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. Unlike amalgam tooth fillings that contain mercury and are not esthetic at all, composite resin dental fillings are strong, durable and give a natural looking smile. In most cases it is quite impossible to see that the teeth actually have fillings.


Each tooth has one or more root canals that can become infected in time. In case the pulp inside the canal is infected, root canal treatment must be performed to clean the cavity after which the tooth receives a filling or a crown. Due to modern anaesthetic techniques and tools this type of treatment like any other dental treatment can be made in a totally painless way.

Inlay refers to an indirect filling that is made of composite resin porcelain that fits into the affected tooth. Its purpose is to make the tooth stronger by holding it together, while retaining a natural, esthetically pleasing colour. It is used in instances when there is a deficient tooth structure to support a filling but the tooth is still in a condition that does not require a crown.

Dental sealants have an important role in helping to prevent tooth decay in some locations on the teeth. The placement of dental sealants involves bonding a plastic coating into the grooves of the tooth. The result is a smoother tooth surface which is less likely to trap food and plaque and it is easier to clean with the toothbrush. We recommend it to teenagers and young adults without decay or tooth filling in their molars.

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